1/15/21 movie sequels we want to see or want no part of on GTSC podcast

Kevin Israel’s choice:

A Quiet Place Part II

  • I really enjoyed A Quiet Place. It was an original concept with a unique “monster” that presented the characters with a new dilemma. The movie was tense, the characters were solid, and the pacing was perfect. There were some plot holes, but I could look past them thanks to the story itself. That all said, I never had any interest in what happens next. It seemed obvious, they figured out how to beat the monsters (A solution that the US government probably should have pieced together) and would spread the word across the globe. This sequel may be a bridge too far. Hopefully they find some way to keep it interesting and go beyond the first movie, but I’m not confident.

KG’s choice

Sequels I think MAY be a fun idea, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Ferris and Cameron are dads and stuck in the day to day bullshit and just one day decide to play hooky from work. Why not? It’s better than the new Mutants, WW 84, or Black Widow is probably going to be.

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