1/26/21 More favorite quotes from the boys at the GTSC podcast. We make you look witty

Kevin Israel’s pick:

“Is that a foot long? And then some.” Bachelor Party (1984)

When our hero Rick, learns that his fiancee is going to a strip club, he sands “Nick the Dick” do deliver their meals (who orders food at a strip club??). One of the plates is a hotdog bun full of…well…Nick. His fiancee’s mother ordered a hotdog (also weird) and she grabs the bun…and Nick, but first gives this legendary line. I think I’ve repeated this one at EVERY BBQ I’ve ever attended. 

Kevin Gootee’s pick:

Fuck it, let’s double up with another one from that timeless classic, “Bachelor Party.”

“Drugs to the left, hookers to the right.” Always say that when walking into family parties, the supermarket, or baby showers. NEVER misses.

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