1/6/21 Movie news that’ll make you look twice. Wonder Woman 3?

Kevin Gootee’s pick

Talk about the student becoming the master. Thomas Jane, who played the Punisher in 2004, wants to direct Jon Bernthal in a new Punisher film. I liked Jane as the Punisher and that film. I haven’t watched enough episodes of Punisher on Netflix to form an opinion but Bernthal seemed ok. He’s a “superhero” that really doesn’t get enough screen time.

Kevin Israel’s pick

They announced shortly after Christmas that Wonder Woman 3 is a go. Nobody is surprised, but let’s just hope they have a better script to work with than they did for the sequel. The movie was a mess. Damn it was bad. Stop apologizing for crappy movies because it feels PC to like them. We can demand quality films and call them when they suck even if they’re starring and directed by a woman. And yeah, I wrote this whole news piece just to bring up how much I hated this movie.

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