1/8/21 Movie sequels we want to see or have will never wish into creation

Kevin Gootee’s selection.

I’m an out of the closet fan of Last Action Hero. And goddamnit, I want to see a sequel. If they REALLY wanted to get meta, they could weave Slater in and out of John Wick films, Fast and Furious, or some of the shitty 2.5 Apatow comedies. Or send him into every Michael Cera film and Scharzenegger kick him right in the labias. Where’s my yellow pad? I have ideas that had better be greenlit!

Kevin Israel’s choice.

So I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that I want to see a sequel of Love and Monsters. The movie built up an interesting cast of characters and I am curious to know what happens next in this monster-filled, post-apocalyptic world. Keep it small and focus on the characters, if done right, it could be another fun,

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