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Is anyone TRULY excited for Avatar 2?

According to ScreenRant, James Cameron just finished filming Avatar 2. At least someone was able to get something out of this disaster we called 2020. But now we’re all have to continue suffering. And in case you’re not counting, Crazy Jimmy is planning a foursome of returns to Pandora. Four times! These movies are totalling in at a billion dollars. You wanna talk about unobtanium!


Tye Sheridan is ready for Ready Player 2. Goddamn, I hated the first film because as Spielberg does best, ignore the source material. I LOVE the RP1 book and cannot wait for the second book. But shit, he better incorporate whatever Cline puts in the book AS WELL AS NOT SUGARCOAT the dark elements of the book. I’m VERY leery if Spielberg does this film to see what comes of this machination.

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