10/4 #listof10 Top futuristic films

And in no particular order, Kevin Gootee’s top 10 futuristic films. I tried to be different as I know KI would double up some of mine.

  1. Back to the Future 2- I mean c’mon, how cool was Hill Valley in 2015? Except Jennifer looked the same in 1985 as well as 2015?
  2. Demolition Man- Hilarious tongue in cheek outlook of the future. Taco Bell? FaceTime? And the fashion? perfect.
  3. Minority Report- Tom Cruise in a google driven car? Perfect for watching movies and fornicating while driving
  4. Terminator 1 and 2- Ways to control the future by killing one kid? Purple lasers and metal skeletons shooting people where only dogs can sniff them out?
  5. Aliens-Not much futuristic stuff but goddamn, this film kicks ass!
  6. Robocop- Hilarious irreverence, graphic violence, and a bad ass villain. Check, check, and check.
  7. The Running Man-Arnold and Richard Dawson. Only thing missing is Dawson making out with housewives from Madison, Wisconsin while their husbands helplessly looked onward.
  8. Starship Troopers- Bugs that impale and rip humans apart. Doogie Howser as a scientist. Dina Meyer topless and Denise Richards less than mediocre acting. Perfect recipe
  9. Total Recall- Arnold as Arnold as Arnold can. Benny the cab driver and he’s got fiiiiiiive kids. Lieutenant Bogemille from Beverly Hills Cop. Sharon Stone in her absolute prime. And of course, a 3 fitted woman.
  10. Transformers Cartoon movie-Makes me tear up like a baby EVERY time when Optimus Prime dies. And an 80’s soundtrack for the ages.

Kevin Israel’s selections:

  1. Back to the Future 2 – Well, it was the future then, but it’s the past now. Either way, we’re all still waiting on hoverboards and self-drying jackets.
  2. Terminator – Sure, the future was a few humans hiding from murdering robots…but damn it was cool. And at least robots respected a jacked physique. That’s not nothing.
  3. Matrix – Not far off from the future seen in Terminator, but the Matrix just sounds fun. Plus, who doesn’t want to wear leather and instantly know Kung-Fu
  4. Alien – This future didn’t seem so great, but we had spaceships, androids, and alien digestive issues. Two out of three ain’t bad.
  5. Robocop – This was a really shitty future, but hey…it was Detroit. At least the cops drove…ugh….Ford Tauruses? Never mind.
  6. Serenity – This one was way in the future and space seemed like the wild west with space ships and blasters. I mean, sounds good to me.
  7. The Book of Eli – Yeesh, this post apocalyptic nightmare looked really bad. There was really nothing appealing about it whatsoever. But hey, it’s Denzel.
  8. Dredd – Yeah, this was a really, really shitty future too, but the Judges looked like badasses and there are flying motorcycles. So it’s not ALL bad.
  9. Demolition Man – Everyone in this future seemed really annoying, but I think we all want to try that virtual reality sex machine….and what’s with the three shells?!
  10. The Ice Pirates – A really obscure movie, but I loved it. Pirates and spaceships, and horny robots. Not the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. Just avoid the space herpes.

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