11/19/21 Movie News

Kevin Gootee’s pick:

Black Widow is coming to Disney plus and I could care less. I could care less about Black Widow if this was in normal times and I sure as hell wouldn’t pay $25 to watch it on demand. Are we really THAT interested in her origin story? I’m not.

Kevin Israel’s pick:

It’s being reported that Wonderwoman 1984 may be simultaneously released in theaters and streaming on HBO Max. This would be the biggest release ever to go direct to a streaming service. I love going to the movies but these are strange times. That said, I am also sick of some of the direct-to-streaming movies that have been a hair better than standard Lifetime schlock. I’m definitely excited to see where the DCEU goes and remain hopeful that between this, the Snyder, and the rebooted Suicide Squad that DC gets its life together.

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