11/2/20 #listof10 best animal friends in movies

Kevin Israel’s picks:

  1. Falkor (Neverending Story) – I know, everyone loves the horse. Never made sense to me. Falkor was a friggin dragon who looked like a cute dog. Yeah, sorry your horse sunk in the mud, I’m flying home on my luck dragon.
  2. Beethoven (Beethoven) – I’m a dog lover and Beethoven is like king of the dogs. Plus he protects the family and looks cute while doing it. 
  3. Hooch (Turner and Hooch) – Sure Hooch was a disaster, but he was a friggin loyal disaster who protected his first owner and then moved on to watch Tom Hanks back…and Tom Hanks is a god damn national treasure!
  4. Jerry Lee (K-9)- Jerry Lee was kinda the low rent Hooch, kinda like Jim belushi is a poor man’s John. But I love dogs and Jerry was an awesome one. Sorry
  5. Two Socks (Dances With Wolves) – Let’ be honest, we all wanted a wolf at some point. I almost named one of my dogs Two Socks. Let’s not even talk about what happens to the poor guy. I’m not crying…
  6. Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon) – yeah, so see everything I said about Falkor. A dragon!!!
  7. Donkey (Shrek) – Is there any friend who puts up with more crap than Donkey? I mean, he’s a pain in the ass (get it?) but he’s hysterical. I wish my dogs were that funny.
  8. Abu (Aladdin) – Genie claims that “you never had a friend like me” but the real wingman here is Abu. This monkey sticks with a homeless kid who does nothing but put their lives at risk! That’s friendship.
  9. Colossus (Van Wilder) – Any friend who lets you pull the ole eclair gag and still wants to lick your face is OK by my book.
  10. Sultan (Beast Master) – Sure he was a tiger painted black to look like a panther, but the dude still had a tiger/panther! How awesome is that. I mean, it’s not quite a liger, but still pretty cool.

Kevin Gootee’s picks

Jesus Christ, the love for Neverending Story is baffling as that film just wretched. Never dug it as a kid as it felt so second rate and contrived. Anyway, enough rambling. Here are my picks:

  1. I’m first to come out and say a Wookie is an animal so shame on Kevin Israel for missing on the obvious one. Who better to have on your side than Chewbacca in a battle.
  2. Scooby Doo. Looks like he could sniff out the best place to get weed if you were so inclined.
  3. Hooch from Turner and Hooch. What can I say? I like police dogs that have jowls that look like Meryl Streep’s nether regions. Totally made that up but someone’s got to insert some jokes in here.
  4. Junkyard from GI Joe. Hey, there was a cartoon movie made so it counts.
  5. Pit Bulls in John Wick 3. That shoe scene where he went to the desert was just unnecessary. But at least he and Halle Berry got to sic dogs on bad guys.
  6. Sam from I am Legend. Super loyal until that nasty detail of him turning into a dog zombie. But hey, even Babe Ruth never batted 1.000
  7. Abu from Aladdin. A monkey that steals from the bazaar. IF only he could steal wallets and get this podcast a Joe Rogan/Spotify deal.
  8. Snots-National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. He may yack up a bone at Xmas dinner but he’s fine. And if he stays loyal to white trash Cousin Eddie, there’s something to be said about that.
  9. Splinter- Ninja Turtles. I don’t have to explain shit with this one.
  10. Grimlock-Transformers. He Grimlock, kick butt.

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