2 movies that we want to see made as I’m sure you want made as well. GTSC podcast 8/6/21

Movies We Want

Kevin Israel’s choice:

ThunderCats! I know, I’m going back to the 80s cartoon well, but let’s be honest TC was one of the most unique and interesting stories to come out of the golden era of cartoons. There is so much interesting story there, I just hope the live action Cats! movie didn’t ruin cat-based properties for audiences…but I’d understand if it did. That thing was a disaster. Let’s hope producers give Lion-O and crew a chance, because they deserve it! HOOOOOOOO!

Kevin Gootee’s movie he wants made:

I swear one of us called out Thundercats in a previous article but so be it. And I agree, TC was the shit. My choice is a Family Guy movie. Hell, if the Simpsons can do it, (pretty well) why can’t McFarlane drum up a 100 minute long, R-rated affair? I’d gladly pay for Quagmire to be truly unleashed and goddamnit, they better have a “bird is the word” callback.

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