Private Parts
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6/26 We’re LONG overdue for a sequel to Private Parts

In this new segment we discuss movies that warrant sequels but never get them and/or movies that got sequels that…

Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson
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6/25 Jamie Foxx as Mike Tyson. And Mike Tyson looking like Uncle Phil | Movie News

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6/24 Edward Scissorhands: KG finally sees the mundane story about a guy who has scissors for hands

Yes, we know there’s nothing new being released right now but KG and KI will go over some films we’ve…

KG and KI Favorite Movie Quotes
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6/23 KG and KI’s favorite movie quotes

“Well alright, alright, alright” Film – 1996 Dazed and Confused Character – Wooderson played by Mathew McConaughey Situation – Woodson says…

Top 10 TV/Movie Cars
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6/22 Top 10 TV/Movie Cars

Best Batmobile, EVER (Comic Book Guy voice) Top 10 TV/Movie cars KI’s LIST The Millenium Falcon – it’s not actually…