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7/23 Tenet delayed..again

KG: Tenet delayed…again.  As I’ve said on the podcast, I’ve not been crazy about the last couple of Nolan films…

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7/22 Kickboxer: Best dance scene. EVER.

KG here: I’ve been on a recent jag of rewatching stuff I watched as a kid or teenager and I…

John Wick
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7/21 John Wick 2: killing people with pencils

Israel: He killed three men in a bar with a pencil. Who the fuck can do that?! John Wick: Chapter…

Top 10 Comedies
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7/20 Top 10 Comedies

ou know how I know you’re gay? You didn’t like the 40 year old Virgin Hope you’re digging our new…

KG Pre-ordered this
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7/16 You better believe KG preordered this | movie news

KG: This isn’t movie news (yet but I’m sure it will be turned into a film) but it’s my article…