Top 10 Movie Deaths
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8/17 Top 10 movie deaths: Die Hard, Commando

Darth Vader ran a gamut of emotions with his death in Jedi KG: 1. Darth Vader (Jedi)-Yeah, that hit home…

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8/14 Bill and Ted 3 is going to suck, who asked for this?

KI: Bill & Ted: Face the Music ·  Yeah, I know, this movie hasn’t come out yet, but let’s be…

Three Men and A Baby
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8/13 Movie News like a 3 Men and a Baby remake

Thursday News KI: According to our friends at Geek Vibes Nation, Zac Efron is set to store in a Disney+…

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8/12 Armageddon: Kevin Israel LOVES this film, Kevin Gootee DOES NOT

KG: Constantine 2005: Keanu Reeves mixes a bit of Neo and John Wick as he tries to save a woman’s…

Jaws and Clerks
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8/11 movie quotes: Jaws and Clerks

Clerks is one of the most quotable films…ever Kevin Israel chose an easy one but sure as shit memorable. “You’re…