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Movies that we’ve seen that you should or shouldn’t bother with 10/23

KG’s movies Borat 2: 2020 Well, the big day is here for yours truly as Borat 2 dropped on Amazon…

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Movie sequels we never wanted or DEMAND!

Kevin Israel’s selection Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. We just covered Dirty Dancing on the podcast and Havana Nights came up….

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BEST movie news from 2 hilarious comedians

Good news and bad news….

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Hilarious movie quotes 10/21/20

Kevin Israel’s pick: “Bite your head off, man.!” Ghostbusters (1984) When the Ghostbusters arrive at a fancy hotel for their…

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BEST Movie soundtracks 10/20 #listof10

Kevin Israel’s choices. Suckerpunch – This movie was dogshit, but the soundtrack is pure epic. Guardians of The Galaxy –…