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#listof10 cities in movies you’d want to live in 12/7/20

KG’s picks in no particular order. Hill Valley (Back to the Future) I mean, it says right on the sign,…

GSC 58 | Good Will Hunting
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Dave Landau FLUNKS Good Will Hunting Episode 58 GTSC podcast

Fan-favorite @LandauDave from The Anthony Cumia Show on Compound Media returns! Dave hates Good Will Hunting like Will’s friends hate…

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12/4/20 Movie news that Mario Lopez won’t give you

Kevin Israel’s news Billy Madison 2 – Adam Sandler’s first big feature was a classic when I was in college….

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12/2 movie quotes that you’re stealing for your holiday party

KG’s choice: “Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs.” Any time someone proposes hanging out,…

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12/3/20 Movies we’ve seen that you need to (or not. your time is yours)

Kevin Gootee’s recent films: Ed Wood 1994: I was told by a bunch of people I should see this and…