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1/15/21 movie sequels we want to see or want no part of on GTSC podcast

Kevin Israel’s choice: A Quiet Place Part II I really enjoyed A Quiet Place. It was an original concept with…

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Movies we’ve recently seen but sadly, nothing new being released 1/13/21

KG’s films The Last American Virgin 1982- The what? Exactly. This tried to be Porky’s a year after the fact….

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Movie news 1/12/21 You excited about Deadpool 3?

Kevin Israel’s news: Rated R Deadpool! That’s right, Kevin Feige just announced that Disney is moving head with Deadpool 3…

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Fantastic movie quotes to seem cool around your friends

Kevin Israel’s choice: “Don’t disturb my friend, he’s dead tired.” – Commando (1985) Have I quoted Commando before? Probably. If…


Ever see a film where something occurs and you feel the need to yell out, “THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN?” Well, we do that in our newest segment 1/11/21

Welcome to our newest segment, THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN, where Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel each give you something that films…