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Movies that we’ve (re)watched recently that you should add to your queues or flat out ignore 3/18/21

Kevin Gootee has (re)watched- Sorry, I’m NEVER watching Tom and Jerry’s movie. I found them boring as a kid and…

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Movie quotes that may build your brownie points up with women or perhaps get some side eye by your buddies. Movie Quotes 3/16/21

Kevin Gootee’s pick: “Can’t see the line, can you Russ?” (Christmas Vacation 1989) Just dropped that this weekend in Tampa…


What annoys you about films that they try to pass off as “normal” occurrences? THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN 3/15/21 GTSC PODCAST

Kevin Gootee’s selection: Sports movies where the coach has a kid and they kid is insanely annoying and overly rambunctious….

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Movie sequels we want to see 3/12/21 And you should too because we know what we’re talking about, right?

Wow, we’ve went through a ton of ideas so we may start be reaching realllllly soon. Can someone explain why…

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Movie news 3/11/21 We just scooped TMZ with these gems

Kevin Gootee’s pick: Do you give a shit about a live Q&A for Lord of the Rings? I sure don’t…