GSC 120 | Rating The Jaws
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Episode 120: Delvin Cox BLOWS UP Jaws Episode 120 GTSC Podcast

Another FIRST occurs during our podcast when Delvin Cox shows up for the 3rd time and decides to attack one…

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Off the beaten path quotes from Jaws and My Cousin Vinnie 1/27/22

Kevin Gootee pulls out: “A tiger shark.” “A whaaaaat?” Here’s a glorified extra trying to put his own spin on…

woman submerged underwater

No one wraps Christmas presents in movies or drinks at the bottom of a pool in real life. THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN 1/26/22

Kevin Israel doesn’t buy: That’s a wrap! Think of all the time you spent wrapping gifts over the years. It…

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New movies you should maybe watch or avoid? Last Nigh in Soho review 1/24/22 GTSC podcast

KI viewed: Last Night in Soho (2021) An aspiring fashion designer is mysteriously able to enter the 1960s, where she…

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Movie news that ANGERED us 1/25/22

KG is disgusted to report: GODDAMN YOU PARAMOUNT! You must hate money because you’ve delayed Mission Impossible 7 and 8…