GSC 121 | The Breakfast Club
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Episode 121: Jennifer Eckhart SUSPENDS The Breakfast Club Episode 121 GTSC Podcast

One of the most hated guests (only because she decided to take on Toy Story) returns for a shot at…

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Movie news 2/5/22 that’s better than Whoopi Goldberg’s shaved eyebrows

Kevin Gootee shares: Channing Tatum said he can’t watch Marvel movies because he never got the chance to play Gambit….

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Movie quotes to throw around during the Pro Bowl (jk, we know nobody watches that) 2/4/22

Kevin Israel decrees: “You could melt all this stuff!” – My Blue Heaven Here’s the funny thing, I’ve never actually…


One of these days, screenwriters will learn from our THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN segments. 2/2/22

Kevin Gootee hates when- We just watched Breakfast Club and wow, this entire film is one big THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN….