Movies that we’ve seen that you should or shouldn’t bother with 10/23

KG’s movies

Borat 2: 2020

Well, the big day is here for yours truly as Borat 2 dropped on Amazon Prime. I fired that thing up this morning and it does NOT disappoint. What’s new? Borat as a daughter he’s trying to gift to Mike Pence and other high ranking American officials as a form of penance for making Kazakstan the laughing stock after his first film. The first 20-30 minutes are wall-wall great jokes. I haven’t laughed this hard since I watched the Jets play football last Sunday. I’ve said before, Borat is the funniest film is in the last 15 years without questions. And the sequel does it justice, no doubt. But like the first one, the third act does run out of steam. And SBC definitely pulls punches a little when it comes to some of his material in the first film, i.e. the Jews and retarded people. BTW, I was sad there was no mention of his brother Bilo or his prostitute sister. I had hopes she would’ve moved to #3 or even #2 prostitute in K-stan by now but alas, no word. He does open up both barrels for those on the (far) right as you might have suspected. And I guarantee the far right people are going to piss and moan but fuck ’em, funny is funny. His daughter has comedy chops and she’s fucking hysterical when she’s getting made over. And goddamn, the abortion clinic scene is hysterical. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, just watch the scene and you’ll see what I mean. I just wished I didn’t have to wait 14 years for a sequel. Let’s hope the 3rd comes in less time, if there is one. Not as good as the first but still, pretty funny. 7 out of 10 and I’ll be rewatching this soon.

Arthur 1981-

Dudley Moore plays a multi-millionaire drunk who has to get married to ensure he’ll be taken care of.  He runs into Liza Minelli who plays a waitress from Queens while she’s shoplifting at Bergdorf Goodman’s.  Moore is great, his butler steals the show, but NO ONE is believing he’s settling for Liza Minelli.  The woman he’s supposed to marry is FINE, just FINE.  But there’s nothing remotely attractive about common folk Minelli except she has a sharp tongue.  BTW, it’s always fun to catch different actors you forgot about in different roles.  The actor who plays Arthur’s fiancee’s dad…the police chief from Beverly Hills Cop.  As in, “Is this man, who WRECKED the buffet at the Harrow club?”  5/10

John Q 2002-

Denzel plays a dad who gets screwed over his health insurance for his kid who needs a heart transplant.  He takes over the hospital and also takes hostages.  Eddie Griffin must have swallowed a lot of pride for that paycheck as his script is nothing but god awful cliches.  The idea itself is of course preposterous but hey, let’s it slide for creativity sake.  It REALLY lost me when Denzel says, “Hey, the kid has an enlarged heart.  My adult heart should fit his.  I’m going to kill myself and then you can transplant the heart, right doc?”  Yeah, I don’t think it works like that.  Act 3 really lost me, not a fan. 3/10

KI’s pick

Coco (2017)

  • Aspiring musician Miguel, confronted with his family’s ancestral ban on music, enters the Land of the Dead to find his great-great-grandfather, a legendary singer. 
  • So I know I’m way behind the curve here as I’m probably the last person to see this, but holy crap was it amazing! heartfelt, touching, memorable, funny, and a great cast of characters. This was another Pixar homerun. It gave an interesting look into Mexican culture and introduced many to their music and family beliefs. I actually feel terrible for taking this long to see it. Now I have to have some kids so I can make them watch!

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