5/18/21 Movie quotes to drop at your AA meetings GTSC podcast

Kevin Israel’s choice

I’m kicking my ass! Do ya mind?!” – Liar, Liar (1997)

  • When lawyer Fletcher Reeded (Jim Carrey) discovers he can’t lie, he beats himself up to get out of a trial where lying is his only option. While going full Fight Club on himself in the bathroom, a man enters and asks what’s going on. Fletcher responds with this crazy bit of dialogue.
  • I’m not sure why this line stuck with me over the years, but when someone asks me what I’m doing, I often respond, “I’m kicking my ass!” It’s a complete non sequitur that flies over most people’s heads and I love it.

Kevin Gootee’s choice

“Come on Tom, say it with me, you pancake eating motherfucker.”-Draft Day (2014)

This is the end when Kevin Costner is trying to convince the Seattle Seahawks GM to trade him back his 3 first rd picks. I never thought you could have “pancake eating” and “motherfucker” next to each other but I’m glad we do and next time you see someone eating pancakes…you know what to do.

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