Movies we’ve watched (yes, including Snyder Cut) 3/23/21

What has Kevin Israel watched?

(Justice League Spoilers!)

So it happened, after a year of build up, the Snyder Cut was released on Friday. Now, let me be clear, contrary to KG’s assertions I was not fanboying over this. I was excited to see how an exercise like this would play out. We’ve all heard actors or directors talk about a given movie not ending up the way it was originally intended, but here we actually got to see a major blockbuster recreated into the director’s true vision. What would that be like? Well, now we know. 

JLSC (Justice League Snyder Cut) was MUCH better than the Whedon version. The overall story made more sense, the characters all got some development, and the backstory was interesting. That said, it was far from perfect. The movie was WAY too long. At four hours I think at least 45 minutes were the countless slow motion scenes. Zack Snyder LOVES slow mo. When looking at the story, it probably should have been two separate movies – a la Infinity War and End Game. 

I hate to draw MCU/DCEU comparisons, but this movie begged for them. The Mother Boxes were just Infinity Stone McGuffins with less explanation, Doomsday was Thanos, and on and on. That’s not to say the film was an MCU clone, it had its own feel and pacing. Compared to the MCU, this movie had a darker, more serious feeling. That’s not always good, but Snyder handled it well.

I think the Superman resurrection story warranted its own movie as it felt rushed and crammed in. There were probably three or four movies packed into this four hour extravaganza. The prologue scene alone was its own short. I would have liked to see more from the Flash, I’m glad Cyborg got his due in this one, Aquaman and WW felt sufficient since they’ve both had their own movies, and Superman still feels like they don’t quite know what to do with him. But, Henry Cavill was made for this role. I hope we see more of him.

All of that said, this was better than I expected, but not great. The Snyder cut gets a 6 from this guy.

What Kevin Gootee has watched?

People argue how long film drags but short films can as well. Case in point, “the last Blockbuster” documentary on Netlix. It’s 45 minutes too long and it’s only 85 minutes. The filmmakers needed a second editor on set as this story was told in 40 minutes flat. Too much fluff and too much from people you could care less about.


From a short film to a lonnnnng one. The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford. What a dumb, lengthy title. And as always, I’ll cut to the chase. Casey Affleck (Robert Ford) is in Jesse James (Brad Pitt) robbery gang and one by one, Jesse’s gang is getting picked off by the Pinkertons (cops). This film firmly sits on the, “This was made solely for great actors to win Oscars.” NO ONE is rewatching or owning this film. If I wasn’t doing work while this was in the background, I would’ve shut this shit right off. Yes, the performances are solid but goddamn, this plot really drags. This is the quintessential “jerking off into a ceiling fan” film. Do not bother unless you want study the acting process.


The Favourite-2018

Story of Queen Anne in the 19th century. No idea how this got into my queue but this shit worked faster than Ambient. I could care less about the English monarchy and this is no exception. Turned it off after 20 minutes, not my proverbial cup of team.


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