Movie quotes that will make you look cooler than Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction GTSC podcast 5/26/21

“He’s gone and there’s nothing they could do about it.” “What do you mean gone?” “He’s gone, that’s it.”

Goodfellas (1990)

The perfect time to drop this beauty is when someone isn’t there that you’re expecting is. And pow, you’ll be a comedy god amongst your friends in no time.

“Let them fight!” Godzilla (2014)

  • When the big green monster encounters the giant insectoid “mutos,” Dr. Ishiro Serizawa tells the military that they need to let nature play out.
  • This is really a flexible quote that can be used in tons of circumstances. If two buddies disagree, if you see people battling over a parking spot, or if your family gets into a political discussion. The bonus, many will actually know where it comes from. Safety note: avoid doing it with his accent because that’s just bad form in 2021.

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