Need an icebreaker at your parole hearing? More movie quotes from the GTSC podcast crew 7/15/21

Kevin Gootee’s quote of the day:

“Very good…but brick not hit back.” Bloodsport 1988

Chong Li watches JCVD break a brick on the bottom of the pile and drops that line. Perfect time to say it? Anytime someone punches an inanimate object. Goddamn, I’m good.

Kevin Israel’s quote of the day

“The worst environment imaginable. That’s all you had to say.” Armageddon (1998)

  • When the government officials are describing the environment of the surface of an asteroid bound for earth, Owen Wilson’s Oscar bluntly states the obvious. 
  • This is a great quote for anytime you have to do something awful or your friend is spending an overly long time describing a difficult situation

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