9/27 #listof10 WORST sports films

Dodgeball sucks. And if you like it, you’re dumb.

Kevin Israel’s choices

  1. Caddy Shack 2 – I’m not even saying anything cause I’m pretty sure KG’s got this one.
  2. Lady Bugs – I played soccer from the time I was 6 until I graduated college. I hated every minute of it and I hate this movie.
  3. The Ringer – I try not to be too PC, but Noxville pretending to be a special needs adult just to compete in the Special Olympics just to get laid….jesus.
  4. Fever Pitch – I thought Jimmy Fallon laughing at everything is bad, well his acting is worse…just try this movie and “Taxi”
  5. Air Bud – Look, I LOVE dogs. Truly. But holy crap, just the premise of this is ridiculous. 
  6. Mighty Ducks – all the sequels. I think we can agree that this should have been a “one and done” scenario. After the first the movies felt a little Quackward. 
  7. Blades of Glory – Ok, there were a few funny moments in this one, but overall it was a turd. Just Will Ferrell being Will Ferrell…again.
  8. Johnny Be Good – So the kid who was a geek in every 80s teen romp teams up with his nemesis (RDJ) from Weird Science to make a football movie?Dafuq???
  9. Karate Kid (2010) – They’ve been forcing Jaden Smith down our throats for years and this was one of the worst examples. Unless it’s Cobra Kai, leave Daniel-san alone!
  10. Gymkata – Nobody probably even saw this. I saw it once, I think I was 12 and it was on cable. A martial arts movie featuring a gymnast. Yup, that’s all you need to know.

Kevin Gootee’s choices

  1. You’re right KI, Caddyshack 2 is worse than herpes, virtue signalers, and concentration camps.
  2. I liked Ladybugs only for Rodney Dangerfield. Sorry Jackee, back to 227 for you. My second choice is Major League 2. Wesley Snipes would rather not pay taxes on a second ML film, that’s how bad the script was. And of course, this follows the curse of first film was R rated, second was PG-13 and it NEVER turns out for the better.
  3. The Ringer is funny and has some fun moments. “When the fuck did we get ice cream?” is a great line that even my Dad loved. Third choice for me is I’ll pile on Mighty Ducks as well. The flying V IS FUCKING OFF SIDES EVERY TIME. And Gordon Bombay got a DWI faster than his brother, Charlie Sheen? Mathematically impossible.
  4. Dodgeball-This film is purely for dummies. Yep, if you got offended by that, you probably own at least 5 Will Ferrell films. I despise Ben Stiller and this film was LOADED with lazy, shitty jokes that dumb people quote. “Dodge a ball, you can dodge a wrench.” Fuck you, read a book.
  5. Talladega Nights-Pretty much the same reasons I hate this as I hate Dodgeball. Turned it off 40 minutes in and that’s one of the best letdowns I’ve ever made.
  6. Rocky V-only people that like this film are people named Frank Stallone, E from Entourage (he was the bully in this film, look it up) or people who wear backwards Oakleys on their heads.
  7. Bull Durham- That’s right, I said it. This film is HIGHLY overrated and it needs to be called out as such.
  8. Bad News Bears remake-Nothing is touching Walter Mattheau and Tanner. But this didn’t even make an elementary school attempt of trying to capture the magic in the first one. Oh yeah, this was also PG-13 while the original was R. Swing and a miss, striiiiiiike 3.
  9. The Babe- As a huge Yanks fan, I thought getting John Goodman to play the GREATEST player ever would be a slam dunk. Nope. This is so bad I think a Red Sox fan wrote it to try and undo the curse of the Bambino.
  10. Tie: Mr 3000, Mr. Baseball, and the Scout. 3 baseball films I’ve paid to see in the theater. 3 baseball films that are worse than Mets fans who worry more about the Yankees.

Author: gtscpodcast