9/29 Movie quotes

Kevin Israel pulls out a quote from the American President. Not many people do that at cocktail parties but hey, it’s his column you’re reading.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 1986: “A: You can never go to far. B: If I’m going to get busted, it’s not going to be by a guy like that.” Truer words were never spoken. Getting busted for something by someone like that sniveling excuse of a human maitre’d is just not in KG’s playbook. I try and hit grand slams; some people are just happy to get on base in life.


“My name is Andrew Sheppard, and I AM the president!”

The American President (1995)

  • This line comes at the end of the movie as Michael Douglas laces into his political opponent in an impromptu press conference. It’s the grand finale of his speech and rivals my favorite presidential speech of all time – Independence Day (We will not go quietly into the night!)
  • I’ve used this one often over the years, usually when someone questions my ability or doesn’t know who I am. Truly a multifaceted quote!

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