Trailer talk:

If you’re not surprised by this, good for you, you’re learning. We did a Spiderman: Far From Home analysis/watchalong and have our thoughts/recaps here:


Trailer Talk

Welp, the highly anticipated trailer for Spiderman: No Way Home just dropped, if you were hoping for a Holland, Maguire, Garfield lineup, you are probably disappointed.  But we did get to see more Doc Oc, Electro, and Green Goblin, so that’s cool. We also got a glimpse of the world and reality shattering effect that Dr. Strange’s spell had. One wonders why Strange even agreed use his power to alter reality for Peter. Plot points aside, this looks like it’s going to be good. Will it be Winter Soldier good? Of course not, but I’m still excited and I’d bet this latest MCU entry is going to break some records.


I’ll let our video speak for itself:

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