More movie quotes to try and one up your neighbor you rarely talk to 8/30/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Gootee selects:

“I want an equal number of blueberries in every muffin.” Casino (1985)

If you don’t know this line from this juggernaut, kill yourself. DeNiro tells his chef at the Tangiers that his blueberry muffin is lacking in blueberries. This is a perfect one to drop when you or someone else is eating something that is either lacking or top heavy in a topping.

Kevin Israel selects:

“You call this a glitch?!” Robocop (1987)

  • When the experimental new weaponized robot murders a board member, it is explained away as a glitch, but the head of the company screams this line.
  • I’ve loved this quote since i saw it almost  35 years ago. It works in so many occasions. Whenever something goes wrong or someone says there’s a slight problem, I scream, “You call this a glitch?!”

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