A “THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN” to start off the new year. 1/4/22

Kevin Israel loathes when:

“Don’t Ask.” Ever notice that when a character in a movie says, “don’t ask,” the other person never asks? What is this horse shit? I just rolled up on a triple homicide that was committed by a ravaging alien and you think I don’t have questions? You’re not blowing me off like that. That doesn’t happen.

Kevin Gootee loathes when:

I watched Shang Chi and there was a decent battle on the bus. But here’s what jumped out at me: damn near everyone on the bus is moderately attractive, except Awkwafina. The extras in the bus scene were way too above average to be considered “regular people.” Ever been in a bus in a major city? It looks like any bus depot in any city with no one above a 4. If you don’t look like you’ve lost your driver’s license at least once, you shouldn’t be in a bus scene.

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