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Kevin Gootee’s sequel: Shit, I want to see Hackers 2 for mainly 1 reason: give me another batch of soundtracks….

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What’s new in movie news for 5/13/21

Disney and the MCU just released the schedule for its Phase 4 lineup of Marvel properties and brother, there is…

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What we’ve seen and what you should sidestep 5/12/21

Kevin Gootee’s viewings: Star Trek Into Darkness: Meh. Starfleet gets attacked, a guy who turns out to be Khan has…


We’re back with THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN! 5/9/21 on GTSC podcast

Kevin Israel’s choice: If it bleeds, you can kill it – unless this is a movie. Characters in movies have…

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You’ve missed our movie quotes, so here they are 5/11/21

Movie quotes Kevin Israel’s choice: Unleash the fur!” – Roadtrip (2000) When Barry’s college buddies go on a last minute…