Black Widow has a hell of a THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN 7/13/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Israel declares shenanigans upon:

  • Did you ever drive down the highway at 70mph in reverse? No. Of course not. You know why? Cause the reverse gear in most cars is about 25mph. Reverse is low gear that results in a high RPM.  Driving that fast would put you so far into the redline that you’d blow an engine faster than Brian racing Dom for pinks. So when you see a high speed chase with a car in reverse, just know – that doesn’t happen!

Kevin Gootee declares shenanigans upon:

How many times have we seen scenes take place in casinos and not hear one, “MOTHERFUCKER” in the background? I expect to hear that at least every 3.2 minutes, a “well, guess who can’t pay the rent next month” every 6.5 minutes, and a “blue chip whores on me, boys” every 28.5 minutes. But not one curse word in any casino scene? THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN

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