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7/10 This version of Dredd doesn’t have Rob Schneider in a trash can…where the original Judge Dredd belongs.

Kevin Israel: Here’s a sequel that no one wanted, actually a series of sequels – every Transformers movie that followed…

Chris Hemsworth Doing Extraction 2
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7/9 Chris Hemsworth is doing Extraction 2 with the Russo brothers | Movie News

Israel here: Netflix’ action hit, “Extraction”, will have a sequel and it may be a prequel according to the Russo…

7/6 Movie Quotes
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7/6 This has to be the most well known quote amongst dudes | movie quotes

KG: I don’t care where you are: bar, restaurant, brothel.  You hear someone say the line that made Gary Busey…

Top 10 Meanest movie villains
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7/06 Top 10 MEANEST movie villains

One of the meanest movie villains EVER KG here.  Everyone loves the hero but sometimes, those villains are so goddamn…

Birds of Prey
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7/6 Birds of Prey : Kevin Gootee finally saw his girlfriend’s newest film and…..

KG here: Harley Quinn and I’m not typing out that long ass title. Wow.  It is rare that movie spinoffs…