The Gentlemen
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7/29 The Gentlemen: Is The Gentlemen yet another Guy Ritchie snoozer?

Hopefully Tenet doesn’t get delayed and does come out at the beginning of September so we can get back to…

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7/28 KI loves Armageddon…and Ben Affleck

KI: “I mean, I can handle what I’m gonna do. I can handle that.  But I don’t know if I…

Top 10 Kick ass movie trailers
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7/27 Top 10 Kick ass movie trailers

The Matrix film AND trailer changed KG and KIs’ lives You know what always grabs our attention?  Kick ass movie…

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7/24 Movie Sequels we want or didn’t ask for

Hot damn, I was all ready to give a paragraph on how have we unfairly been denied “Demolition Man 2”…

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7/23 Tenet delayed..again

KG: Tenet delayed…again.  As I’ve said on the podcast, I’ve not been crazy about the last couple of Nolan films…