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Kevin Israel’s scoop

It was just announced that Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) will direct and produce the upcoming live-action Gundam film for Legendary Entertainment. Clearly he has the chops for a big scale movie with big action and big (literally) heroes. This is based off the 80s cartoon about  the war between the Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation, with the latter unveiling a new giant robot known as the RX-78-2 Gundam piloted by a teenager. I was more a Robotech/Voltron guy as a kid, but look forward to seeing how this comes out. Clearly, “Pacific Rim” had its ups and downs, but there is definitely a market for giant robot movies. I hope this is a huge success and I can finally get my Voltron movie…please!

Kevin Gootee’s scoop

Mads Mikkelsen is going to be in Indiana Jones 5. Cool addition to a dogshit idea as Mads does a fantastic job as a villain in everything I’ve seen him in (Hannibal TV show, Casino Royale). But man, this Indy installment is going to be a stegosaurus aborted fetus. Zero desire to see this.

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