Dos more, “THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN” 1/11/21 GTSC podcast

KG hates when:

Before answering machines and voicemail, people would call and have an arbitrary number of rings before they hung up. I’ll assume most people hung up after 4-6 rings. In “No Country for Old Men,” Josh Brolin hangs on for about 10 rings before Anton Chigur picks up. That’s INSANE and THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN

KI hates when:

The motivational speech. You already know where I’m going with this one. A sports movie and the football/basketball/ soccer team is down by X many points. The coach/captain/unexpected hero gives a halftime speech backed by some really motivational music – lo and behold the underdog team comes back and wins the championship! Well guess what? That doesn’t happen! My JV soccer team made it to some tournament my sophomore year of high school. We were getting killed. At half time our coach sat us down and said some really meaningful words. You know what? We still lost 6-0. Yeah, speeches don’t mean shit….except in Miracle. 

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