Fantastic movie quotes that never get tiresome 1/4/21

Kevin Gootee’s selection:

1984 Beverly Hills Cop- “Hey don’t I know you from someplace? No man, it ain’t me. I’m from Buffalo.”

I thoroughly enjoy using that when people think they know me from somewhere. This works best when you’re standing in a stolen truck of cigarettes.

Kevin Israel’s selection:

“Dylan, your son of a bitch!” – Predator (1987)

  • When mercenary and veteran, Dutch is reunited with former war buddy-turned-CIA-spook, Dylan, Dutch shouts this line then executes the greatest bro-shake of all time. Pure epic.
  • This whole movie is insanely quotable, but this is a line I always utter when reuniting with a friend who I haven’t seen in a while. Our bro-shake never features as many bicep peaks, but we try.

Author: gtscpodcast