Fantastic movie quotes to seem cool around your friends

Kevin Israel’s choice:

“Don’t disturb my friend, he’s dead tired.” – Commando (1985)

  • Have I quoted Commando before? Probably. If so, it’s because this Arnold led 80’s action bash is chock full of quotable one liners delivered as only Arny can. In this scene, Arnold’s Matrix is on a commercial flight with a henchman who’s taking him to see the big bad guy. Arnold knocks the dude out with an elbow to his face and then snaps his neck. Like any good special force operator would, Matrix covers the corpse with a hat and blanket. When the stewardess stops by he tells her not to bother his buddy…because he’s dead tired.
  • God, I love this line. Any time I’m on a plane with my friends I find myself resisting the urge to say it to a flight attendant who will most assuredly NOT get the joke. It’s also great if you’re at a party and anyone passes out. Try it!

Kevin Gootee’s pick

“Are you calling me from a cellular telephone? I don’t know who this is, PRANK CALLER, PRANK CALLER!”- Pulp Fiction 1994

We know this film is loaded with quotes but the more esoteric in my book the more value they have. And this is a great, off the cuff reference and fun to use when someone you know calls.

Author: gtscpodcast