Favorite quotes 1/20/20 Gutting the Sacred Cow podcast.

Kevin Gootee’s selection:

“Proctor, I don’t see a salad bar.”-Police Academy 4

Of course, that rascal Mahoney sends Captain Harris and Lt Proctor to the infamous Blue Oyster when they think they’re going to “the best salad bar in town.”

You can use this ANYTIME you’re having difficulty locating your destination: seafood restaurant, airport terminal, gay bar. The last one was meant specifically for Kevin Israel. Speaking of…

Kevin Israel’s selection

Where does he get those wonderful toys?” – Joker, “Batman” (1989)

  • After Batman rescues Vicki Vale from the Joker’s clutches using a very complicated sideways grappling hook speargun thing, the Joker stands with his henchmen in awe of the caped crusader’s tech.
  • This is one of the most famous quotes from one of the best Batman movies and, 32 years later, I still use it. Any time someone I know gets something new or cool, I usually find myself muttering the Clown Prince of Gotham’s famous line. Sadly, less and less people get it these days. And that’s a worse crime than hijacking a parade!

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