6/30 Top 10 films you HAD to be at opening night that we were

films you HAD to be at opening night that we were

You weren’t a kid of the 80’s if you weren’t at opening night to see Optimus Prime take on Megatron. Too bad the sequels were worse than dry, anal rape.

KI’s Top 10 films he HAD to be at opening night:

  1. X-Men (2000) – I’ve been a Wolverine fan since I was 12 and Geeks like me could only fantasize about an actual live action movie featuring the Uncanny X-Men. I couldn’t buy the ticket fast enough. I was even able to look past them casting the 6’+ Australia guy as my favorite mutant.
  2. Transformers – Yeah, you’re gonna see a theme here. Let’s put it this way, when Optimus Prime first transformed, the whole theater stood and cheered…I was among them.
  3. End Game – Look, I could list most of the MCU movies here, but this was the BIG tamale, if you weren’t there opening night, you missed out. I didn’t miss out.
  4. Batman (1989) – Nobody even really knew what this movie was about. Most people knew Batman for the cartoon-like TV show featuring the bat-poles and “POW!” Michael Keaton helped change all of that and 13 year old Kevin was there on opening night.
  5. Deadpool – There was so much build up to this movie and Ryan Reynolds did not disappoint.
  6. Independence Day – Say what you will about this one, but the marketing for this movie was crazy. Just a shot of the White House being blown to pieces??? Hell yeah, I was there opening night.
  7. The Matrix – Another movie that was a complete unknown, back in the days when trailers didn’t tell the whole story. I took a date and she tried asking questions the whole time. I’ve seen the Matrix countless times but I only saw her once.
  8. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace – I was a child of the 80s, Star Wars was part of my existence, so when they announced the new trilogy, it wasn’t even a question that I’d be there opening night. Sure this trilogy was a fat steaming turd, but I was there for the opening night of each damn one.
  9. Masters of the Universe – did I mention that whole 80s thing? Yeah, He-Man was a religion, unfortunately this movie was a sin. But all us kids of the 80s were there on night one!
  10. Blaire Witch – God, I hated this movie, but the marketing demanded you see it opening night, and I fell for it. Damnit.

KG’s top 10 films he was at opening night

1. Star Wars Episode 1- Twas 16 years since the last original Star Wars Film was in the theater and I was at the 12:01AM opening show where I witnessed 5 good minutes and 2 plus hours of hot horseshit.

2. The Dark Knight-I waited a few days as I didn’t see the need a reboot of Batman but when I did, wow!  And when they teased the Joker card at the end of the BB, no CHANCE I could wait past 12:01 of opening night.

3. The Dark Knight Rises- AMC theaters did something brilliant for DKR.  They did a Nolan marathon where they started BB at 7pm, DK 9:30, and DKR at 12:01.  And I loved EVERY minute of it.  Almost proposed to my wife in between DK and DKR but thought against it.  So I waited till the next day until we were in the parking lot of Great Adventure.  She wanted to be surprised and boy, she was FLOORED.  True Story.

4. KI was right on about Transformers.  As a HUGE TF fan, I had to be there at 12:01 to watch the Autobots take on the Decepticons.  And boy, did I get misty eyed and cheered when good ol’ Optimus Prime rolls up Shia LaBeouf and transforms into robot mode.  

5. Back to the Future 2.  Opened on Thanksgiving and my family went before turkey and football to see Lorraine McFly’s implants.  And I still get tingly when the western Union guy meets Marty and reads the letter right after the Doc got struck by lightning.  

6. The Force Awakens, episode 7-I’ve seen EVERY Star Wars film sans the original trilogy at 12:01am with my buddy and we were giddy with anticipation with the chance to wash out the taste of the prequels.  Although after rewatching, I’ll take the second half of Clones and all of episode 3 over the new trilogy.  Yeah, I fucking said it.

7. Showgirls.  Just kidding, I saw this in the dollar theater.  The first Jackass film.  Fuck you, that show and these films are hilarious and it didn’t disappoint.  I went with a crew of 8 or so and we had an absolute riot of a time.  

8. Die Hard 3-Came out the day of my senior prom.  We got a half day from school to go home and prepare so my buddy and I said, “Hey, we’re dudes.  It will take us 15-30 minutes TOPS to shower and get a tux on.  Let’s go see John McClane blow shit up for 2 hrs.”  And we did.  And it was glorious.

9. Batman and Robin-You know when you have to see a film because you’ve seen the others but don’t have much hope for it (See Episode 9)?  Yeah, I had little faith for Batnipples and Tubby Batgirl.  I’ll give it credit for this: it was WORSE than I thought it was going to be.  Well done, Joel Schumacher.  You out sucked yourself.

10. Last Action Hero-No bigger Arnold fan than yours truly.  I know this got shit on by people high, lo, to, and fro.  But I liked it and I STILL like it.  John Mctiernan directed it (Die Hard) and it was insanely fun and tongue in cheek.  And I went to Burger King to get the cup afterwards.  Hell, I had all of the McDonalds’ cups for Batman Forever.  Let’s just say the ladies weren’t that present in that chapter of my life…

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