Fun movie quotes that will make you seem like the cat’s meow at your AA meetings 7/9/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Gootee’s quote:

“I’ll buy that for a dollar.” (Robocop 1987)

Such an under the radar quote but those in the know drop this regularly, especially when you see something high valued. And you can Venmo me @KevinGootee because we’re just so goddamn entertaining.

Kevin Israel’s quote

“Unless you go power!” – Back to The Future 2

  • When Marty tries escaping Griff’s band of thugs on hoverboard he finds himself stalled over a pond. One of Griff’s lackies yells, “Hoverboards don’t work over water!” Another chimes in with this quote.
  • I love this line. The ridiculous laugh at the end really makes it. The actor should have won an Oscar for delivery of a single line. I use this quote judiciously, but when I do, it always makes in impact with people who get it. Any time something isn’t working and someone is trying to figure out why, I find myself shouting it. Great way to ease tension.

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