Funny movie quotes to throw out at your upcoming fantasy football drafts 7/22/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Gootee’s quote

“I’m not through with you yet, Meatball!”

Rocky 3 (1982) We just did this on the podcast and virtually everything Thunderlips says is quotable. This is a fun one to throw at your Italian buddies when busting their balls, wrestling around, or giving them their year end review.

Kevin Israel’s quote

“Woman, I am the cavalry” – Furious 7

  • When the Rock shows up at the end of the movie (one in which he was mostly absent) wielding a massive machine gun, he announces his arrival with this quote that is worthy of any 80s action hero.
  • I love this quote because I can say it and for a second think I’m a badass. Typically when my wife needs something done I’ll repeat this quote and she’ll roll her eyes. Ah, marriage. But, it doesn’t matter, because woman, I AM the cavalry!

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