Funny movie quotes you can spew out while trying clothes on in a dressing room 10/21/21

Kevin Gootee quotes nevermore:

“Come on Tom, say it with me, you pancake eating motherfucker.” Draft Day 2016

I crack up when he says this line and when you need someone to repeat something, this is perfect to drop.

Kevin Israel quotes nevermore:

I’m a peacock, you gotta let me fly – The Other Guys (2010)

  • When Detective Holtz’ new partner holds him back from responding to a call, Holtz loses it, kicks over a water bottle and says he’s a peacock.
  • Look, the truth about The Other Guys is that the first half of the movie is hysterical and then it falls apart, but this line is a keeper. I say it all the time because it is pure nonsense. You know who loves nonsense? This guy!

Author: gtscpodcast