Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer talk 10/22/21

Kevin Gootee’s assessment:

I can only imagine my co-host is salivating more than Pavlov’s dog after hearing the Carol of the Bells after watching the Ghostbusters trailer. If you heard our episode of that podcast, you know I loved Ghostbusters as a kid but it’s lost some luster as an adult. Ghostbusters 2 was worse than shitting your pants in public. And the female reboot is something I’ll never see because I value my time, unlike some of you ding dongs. You’ve heard it all before: the trailer looks like an ep of Stranger Things (made it to season 2 and stopped giving a shit) but they’re smart enough NOT to show you Venkmann or any of the original Ghostbusters. The trailer looks decent and I certainly trust Jason Reitman. Call me mild-moderately curious, I’ll probably see this opening weekend.

Kevin Israel’s assessment:

A new Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer dropped this week. If you listen to our podcast you’ll know that GB is my favorite movie of all time. For me, the original was a perfect blend of horror and comedy. Everything after that (other than the cartoon) fell short…way short. The first trailer for Afterlife had me hopeful, but after watching this, I am less so. It really looks like Stranger Things: Ghostbuster Edition. The movie will tug at our heart with nostalgia characters – Gozer, the helldog, etc., but it will be an empty shell. I hope I am wrong, but I’m afraid I’m right.

Author: gtscpodcast