Here are some films to watch and here’s some movies to avoid 3/4/21 Gutting the Sacred Cow podcast

Greenland 2021-

Gerard Butler and Deadpool’s girlfriend, Morena Baccarin, are going through a rough patch in their marriage. (Tugs red tie) Boy I tell, you know how tough? So tough that a comet is headed towards Earth and it splinters off, causing hysteria as certain people are picked to head to Greenland in a shelter. This is the first disaster film that’s not cheesy, you truly get sucked in during the events throughout the film. This film truly matches the solid hype it has received thus far. Definitely one of the best things released in 2021.


Biggie: I got a story to tell 2021

This just dropped on Netflix and if you’re a fan of old school rap (goddamn, we’re old if 90’s rap is now old school) this is the spot. Especially if you’re from the greater NYC area, you knew how big Notorious BIG was. This hits all the key notes; showing his roots and hitting the top of the chain. Not much else to say but watch it, it’s a beautiful walk down memory lane.


Belly 1998

Nas and DMX are 2 drug dealers that go through typical drug dealer stuff. I gotta say, didn’t pick up a lot of what they’re saying with regards to the slang. I sure as shit didn’t pick up what the Jamaican drug dealer said. But what I did put together wasn’t anything special. Maybe if I could’ve interpreted it better, I would like it more. Maybe.


National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1993

Saw this in the theater, probably the best spoof film…this or Scary Movie. The main idea is they’re parodying Lethal Weapon with Samuel L Jackson and Emilio Estevez. Ton of cameos and some pretty solid jokes. Is it quotable? Not really as many people will barely remember this film. But it’s got that 90’s sheen all over it and you’ll laugh.


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