Here’s a sequel that we want to see and one that was a dogshit idea 4/17/21

Kevin Israel’s choice:

I just watched the trailer for “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard,” the sequel to the 2017 hit “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” featuring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. The original was surprisingly fun and highlighted the chemistry between Reynolds and Jackson, so I’m looking forward to this one. Look, Reynolds is always charming and sarcastic and Sam Jack is always loud, so you know what you’re getting. But the action in the original was fun and, well….Selma Hayek. So, yeah, I’ll be seeing this one.

Kevin Gootee’s choice:

Zero fucks to see HWF so let’s talk about a sequel that really shouldn’t have been made…Home Alone 2. After that shocking turn of insane events, don’t you think those parents would have handcuffed themselves to Kevin like the nuclear football is to the president? And of course, the same exact shit happens AGAIN and in a much watered down fashion. And goddamn, do I hate this film. At least with the first film, the weird neighbor is in earshot of the goings on with Kevin McCalister’s house. But the homeless pigeon lady can find his uncle’s house on the Upper West Side? Fuck outta here. Look, I get it they needed to strike while the iron was hot but this was completely superfluous

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2 thoughts on “Here’s a sequel that we want to see and one that was a dogshit idea 4/17/21

  1. You’re both right! But, Kevin… the banter & chemistry between Ryan Reynolds & Sam Jackson-two of the best dialog actors there have ever been- would be worth the price of admission. Even if they were reading the instruction manual for a rotary dial telephone. And, “Home Alone 2” also has Trump. Instant garbage in my opinion. He would ruin any of my favorite movies instantly.

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