Holy hell, THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN in movies. 7/20/21 GTSC podcast

KG’s bone of contention:

Just watched Rocky 3 for the podcast and watching that final fight between Rocky and Clubber, I have a BIG problem with that. Why? Because through the entire fight, both fighters don’t have their hands up and both land an insane amount of punches. They probably each landed well over 80% of their punches as any who has been in a fight will tell you that’s the express route to getting your shit smeared all over the street. THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN

KI’s bone of contention:

“I know my rights!” So this one is a little different because we see it all the time in movies AND it happens in real life. But here’s the thing, they never do. You actually don’t have some intrinsic right for a call. But we see it in movies all the time. You do have the right to a lawyer, but not just a free call to anyone. And most people aren;t Constitutional lawyers so they rarely know what they should or shouldn’t do. So here’s a tip, don’t say shit. Keep your mouth shut. Trust me on this. Because if you say that you know your rights you’ll hear me yell, “That doesn’t happen!”

Author: gtscpodcast