Hot movie dish right here! 10/15


Goddamnit, this Corona virus continues to screw with movie release schedule. I was annoyed to see that Halloween Kills has been pushed to October 2021. This is one of the films I was very much looking forward to. The Halloween reboot was absolutely amazing as Michael Myers just straight up killed everything in his path. So now, we have to wait and year to see if Jamie Lee Curtis is still alive and doing Ensure commercials. Jesus, it feels like yesterday I was freezing the scene in Trading Places when JLC gets topless. Come to think of it, it was yesterday. Well, wait till tomorrow when I dig up Madonna in Body of Evidence for my daily “release.”


A rumor is making the rounds is that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have signed on to join Tom Holland in the next Spiderman movie. This is very interesting as it could have huge implications for the MCU. For years, fans have been talking about the multiverse and this could be the first full-fledged foray into that storyline. We saw a little of it in Dr. Strange and Ant-Man, and we know there are many realities out there. Will we get a little Spiderverse action? Could this be how we incorporate mutants into the MCU? Lots of questions! As long as Tobey doesn’t do any more dance routines, I’m sure I’ll be a happy man.

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