Hot movie news to get you excited/angered/fill in the emotion 2/18/21

Kevin Gootee’s news:

Bad news: they’re not shooting Mission Impossible 7 and 8 back to back as planned because of Corona virus. Good news: we’re still on target to get 2 Mission Impossible films in 2 years. One this coming November and one in November of 2022. And goddamn, do I love these recent MI installments. Fallout was amazing and this will be an insanely tough follow up but I’ll put my money on him before I bet against him. Cruise needs to be on everyone’s Mt Rushmore of best actors. The quality of films he makes is staggering. And right now, he’s doing high knees and pushups in between takes.

Kevin Israel’s news (probably going to discuss the shitty Snyder cut)

Big news! They’re reportedly working on a feature lengths Hamilton movie starring Idris Elba!! Nah! Just kidding, but the Snyder Cut trailer dropped and it looks like an entirely different movie. Like I told KG, who’s rolling his master race eyes right now, it definitely won’t be much like the original. So that’s good. But will it be better? Well the trailer looks promising. Very dark, very gritty, and now died jokes like the Whedon version. So, we’ll see. We shall see. 

Author: gtscpodcast