Hot movie talk that’s so hot that it will…you insert the analogy, you’re reading this for free. 5/20/21 GTSC podcast

Kevin Israel’s choice:

The Venom sequel trailer just dropped and I know I should be more excited…but I’m not. The first movie was a bit of a mess with WAY too much CGI and a final battle that was hard to watch. Looks like the sequel is going to pit our symbiotic antihero against ANOTHER symbiote – Carnage! Seems like we’ve got a theme going with this franchise. I like Tom Hardy. He did the best he could with Venom but I saw it in the theater and never again. That’s a bad sign for a superhero action movie. These things should be rewatchable. I’m hoping for more from part two but it will probably just be, Venom: Let There be Sequels.

Kevin Gootee’s choice:

Yeah, I’ll piggyback off of my bearded colleague. Fuck Venom. This trailer looks terrible and I sure as shit won’t invest $15 to see this abortion. The first one was TERRIBLE and I hold no hope for this edition.

Author: gtscpodcast