8/31 How many times does Keanu appear in each of our #listof10

Keanu Reeves

How many times does Keanu appear in each of our #listof10

KI gives his picks!

  1. Rocky v. Apollo Creed (Rocky) – This is the daddy of all throwdowns right? ADRIAN!! 
  2. Rocky v. Drago (Rocky IV) – Yup, coming right back with the Italian Stallion. This fight embodied geopolitics AND every boy’s dream to beat up a guy bigger than them.
  3. John Wick v. Everyone in his house (John Wick) – Bro, we didn’t know exactly what to expect from Keanu when JW first dropped, but that ballet like scene where he decimates everyone invading his house was straight out of a comic book.
  4.  Matrix v. Bennett (Commando) – Maybe it wasn’t the best technical fight scene, but watching Arny battle a giant dude in a chainmail shirt and killy him with a steam pipe was about as 80s action as it gets.
  5.  Dutch v. Predator (Predator) – yeah, another two-peat! The only things we wanted to beat up more than communists in the 80s was aliens! Arnold may have not put the smack down on this dreadlocked behemoth, but it was a great throwdown! COME GET ME!!!
  6.  Hulk v. Hulk Buster (Age of Ultron) – I loved every minute the Hulks was on screen, but he never got to do as much as I wanted him to. But the scene of him fighting the Hulk Buster was pure joy. Hulk, you can smash any time.
  7. Batman v. Thugs in a warehouse (Batman v. Superman) – This was probably the most Batman-like fight we’ve seen on the big screen. Sure, the rest of this movie was a disaster, but those few minutes of Batfleck wrecking shop was geektopia!
  8. Godzilla v. King Kong – This is probably a personal favorite, but seeing these two titans go head to head was pure heaven for geeky young Kevin.
  9. Joker v. Thug (The Dark Knight) – This was barely a fight, but it’s one of my favorite moments of physical violence on screen. He slams the dude’s head into a pencil! Who the fuck can do that??? (besides John Wick).
  10. Taylor Reese v. Brucker (Knockaround Guys) – This is a personal favorite. The guys roll into town and Vin Diesel (wearing a Star of David tat) must prove he’s tougher than the toughest guy in town. It’s a beating of epic proportion all set to Romeo’s Perfume by Steve Forbert. 500 what douche bag?!

KG’s picks

NOT in order:

1. John Wick 3: The glass room fight scene in the end is just bonkers.  Stop fucking around with Bill and Ted nonsense and back to JW.

2. Steven Seagal fighting dudes in the machine room in Under Siege.  He pushes a dude’s shoulder into a saw.

3. JCVD vs Chong Li in Bloodsport.  Bolo Yeung fights dirty and shines a spotlight on JCVD’s awful acting as he tries to fight blind.

4. Rocky vs Mr. T in Rocky 3, 2nd fight.  C’mon, how savage is Mr. T and how brutal was that fight?

5. Neo vs Smith (subway battle in the Matrix) Both dudes leave it all on the table after Neo begins how to manipulate his powers.

6. The Raid 2-kitchen fight.  Almost Matrix-y and honorable mention to the fight in the rainy prison yard.

7. Oldboy-hammer scene, don’t need to say another goddamn word.

8. Casino Royale-Opening chase scene on the scaffolding crane.  This is a top 5 Bond and this is a big reason why.

9. Everyone vs Thanos in Infinity Wars: 10 superheroes trying to get the gauntlet off Thanos was amazing.

10. Bourne Ultimatum-Bathroom Fight.  I feel this trilogy doesn’t get the love it fully deserves and this film is INSANELY underrated.  

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