Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel watch 2 films you’ve never heard of that you should watch 4/16/21

What KG has seen:

Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018)

Melissa McCarthy plays a failing author who starts forging notes from authors to pay the bills. This is based on a true story and here’s the best part, Melissa McCarthy isn’t being Melissa McCarthy. Not a bad way to spend 100 minutes but I’m glad I didn’t pay $15 to see this in the theater. Complete cable/Netflix watch


Hot Summer Nights (2018)

Timothy Chalamet plays something besides a waify twink and changes it up nicely by playing a dorky kid who is forced to stay with his grandmother on Cape Cod during the summer of 1991. He gets tangled with the cool kid who happens to be the island’s drug dealer while trying to keep it a secret he’s chasing the girl of his dreams, the drug dealer’s estranged sister. Plenty of fun nods to the early 90s with the music, movies, and video games. Good story and I enjoyed it. You will too.


What Kevin Israel has seen:

Thunder Force (2021)
This was a surprisingly fun movie with compelling, unique characters and a plot that kept me engrossed through the whole thing. Nah, who am I kidding? This movie was a hot turd and I watched it just so you wouldn’t. McCarthy proves that she plays one character just with the levels turned up or down. Socially awkward, loud, and obnoxious. Octavia Spencer looked like a producer of the movie was holding a loved one hostage and forced her to do this part. The only fun part was Jason Bateman but even he couldn’t save this disaster. I’m not gonna lie, I bailed with 25 minutes left and don’t even care how it ended. Thunder Force was more a rumble of indigestion. 

Author: gtscpodcast